Week One.

August 23, 2011

I have two digital cameras. One is on my phone, the Incredible 2, the other is a Nikon D7000. I expect to use both in the following months to explore what digital photography has to offer.

As a senior student, I have spent the last three years studying photography in the world of art at ASU. Preceding my studies I spent four years carrying my camera nearly wherever I went. Though I had no idea what photography could do or be, and my skills and images were terrible, it had already become a significant aspect of my life.

The course for which this blog is dedicated to, The Still Image in Digital Culture, drew me in for several reasons. First, about a year ago I heard that one of the assignments was to make a book of your work, which I had not realized was so simple to do these days. Second, I cannot ignore the influence of social media and the internet on my artmaking, so I decided that I should learn how these things are affecting others and explore how the digital world changes how we understand things. And Betsy is awesome.