on faux-vintage photos.

December 3, 2011

When the hipstamatic and instagram apps came out, I was simultaneously enthusiastic at the photo-geekishness of the options, and saddened by the gimmicking of well known gimmicks.

This article both articulates those thoughts and expands on them:



Decorative Dumpster Day #2: Mac Premo’s Dumpster Project.

I thought this was a really interesting project–to document one’s collected objects as a kind of autobiography. I LOVE IT.

Cyanotype Workshop!! FREE!

September 27, 2011





Hello all!!!

Ever wanted to learn how to make photographic prints in a deep prussian blue? Need a few pieces of art for your sadly bare walls? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This Sunday there will be a cyanotype workshop and art sale at the Open Source Project in Tempe. A few photo nerds and myself will be outside the OSP, probably drinking coffee and talking about art or other nonsense. We will provide paper, and objects you can use to make your photograms, but if you wish to bring something small, like fruit or flowers or anything semi transparent, be our guest! All of us have used this process before, and can answer whatever questions you may have regarding its possibilities and functions.

We will also be offering student artworks for sale, and will be holding a raffle, so if your pictures don’t turn out as well as you hoped, we can help!

Contact me if you need directions or have questions:

Kelly McNutt




The wonderful exhibition “Alternative to What?” juried show opened today. A couple of ¬†my friends organized the show, and they asked me to make the guest book. I used coptic binding with book board and this amazing blue Japanese paper, and they even made me a little title card!


Go see the show! The info is at:  melissafergusonphotography.wordpress.com

How it Goes.

September 10, 2011

Dealing with digital images can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you can’t find the files you are looking for, and you just had them! So, this is my general workflow when it comes to handling my digital files. It is also somewhat ideal…I do, unfortunately, have folders all over the place with various groupings of images. However, since I have written out the plan that I usually stick to, I am hoping that it becomes a consistent habit.