Show Me What You’ve Been Up To.

November 26, 2011

The practice of communicating through pictures is something I already do–often.

I live 1200 miles from my parents, see, and they love sending me
pictures taken on their cell phones, and I send them photos as well.
We show each other what we are up to, or use pictures as a way to tell
a story of something that happened that is unusual. So, for my final
project, I have been communicating with my mom in what I call a “photo
conversation”. She sends me a photo, and I respond with a photo, and,
as with a real conversation, one who does not know the participants
may not be able to make the same connections between the pictures
(that is, the conversational thread).

What is important to me is the continuance of a visual conversation
over time–so far about 7 weeks–and that the compilation of that
conversation that can be viewed all at once.

To do this, I will be creating a small, simple accordion style book,
one that can be pulled apart and viewed as one continuous series of
pictures. There will be a single image per page. By the time I print
the images, in two weeks, I expect to have at least 80 images,
probably more.

The conversation will not be censored—so, if one repeats herself (my
mom sent the same picture twice), it will be so in the book form. This
is important because I want the characteristics of a real conversation
to remain intact; and sometimes one repeats herself, or starts a new
subject that seems random to an outsider, or picks up where she left
off at an earlier time. What is important is that I document the
conversation as it happened, and kind of like a journal–it gets kind
of messy, but I’m okay with that.


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