Week 8.

October 16, 2011

This class has been a great source of information on how to deal with digital images, and a great source for thought on how images function in the digital realm. This blog has been an open space for me to speak my mind freely on everything discussed in class, and I greatly value the ability to read the blogs of other classmates. It is helpful to see how others are approaching each assignment and each aspect of class discussions. There is not a lot of time in class for everyone to express their opinions and thoughts, so having the ability to read more into each individual’s view is invaluable.

My ideas relating to my final project are still quite vague, but I am hoping to use a combination of collaborative photographs as well as ones I make as an individual. The use of images to communicate is very important to me. I communicate with my family with pictures all the time, and they do the same. I haven’t settled on my guidelines yet, but I want to display this communication in some sort of book form, relating to this idea of using digital pictures to talk to loved ones and vice versa.

About half way through each semester, I get very homesick. I start to miss fall at home in Washington, and I miss my family much more painfully than usual. To deal with the separation, I usually end up making artwork that relates to members of my family, or to the experience of being away from them. So, here are some pictures I took at home that simultaneously satisfy my need for a connection to Washington and make it’s void in more noticeable.


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