Week Six.

October 12, 2011

Google image search of the following words:  energy, merge, squander, ponder, frequent.

Energy.   Most images in this search were related to A) Renewable energy sources (wind and solar power) and B) Energy drinks. There were also numerous images of light trails (apparently light energy is the easiest to capture in a photograph. Go figure.) There were also a few images here and there that kind of seemed to fit, but in a less direct way.

I would have to say that the Eye of Sauron is my favorite, because it was entirely unexpected yet visually fits with many of the other images that came up in the search. And I’m a nerd.

Merge. The greater majority of images were screenshots. There were also a good number of street signs, as well as a few odd images here and there.

Squander. There doesn’t seem to be a certain kind of image that comes up in this search. There are a lot of images with people in them, and there are a lot with no people. Here are a few from the first page:

Ponder. Most of these are as expected, the typical “ponder” gesture of a hand on the chin or sitting on the edge of some fantastic nature scene. I was hoping for some more abstract images, but I suppose I would have to look much farther in the results to see that.

Frequent. I really did not know what to expect, but there were a lot of images related to travel (probably because of frequent flier miles) and then there were a lot of toilets. Then, like each search, there were a few outliers that make the search more interesting.

Google Search using an image. I searched using a picture of my bunny. The search results were very similar in color scheme and composition, and a few even had fluffy animals. I searched a few other of my pictures, and so far the program recognizes general shapes, composition (ie. centered), colors, and even textures. I am actually pretty excited to use this tool, and will probably spent a lot of time playing with it.


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