Week Three.

September 11, 2011

1.) How was the 24 hour shoot? What did you discover? What did you discover looking at your images all together? Did you enjoy it?

The 24 Hour shoot was enjoyable. I did the assignment on a day that I mostly stayed home, and went in to the nonsilver lab. I think if I had chosen a different day, the outcome would be vastly different. Even after the assignment is complete, I find myself being highly aware of photographs around me at all times. They are integrated in labels and advertisements, which are all over the place.

2.) Briefly discuss the ways in which the design of cameras had affected who uses them.

Large format cameras are used when fine detail is desired, or when the resulting prints will be very large. The equipment required for shooting and processing also requires significant financial investment, so it is generally unavailable to the public. Medium format is used when recording fine detail, though is less than large format, it benefits from mobility and  is less costly. Professional grade DSLR, consumer DSLR, and 35 mm cameras are favored for their flexibility in use, and tend to be less expensive to process than medium format. Finally, compact cameras are small and can fit in ones pocket, and are desirable for their ease of use and portability. They are also inexpensive and therefore more accessible.

3.) What do you think are the most significant differences between film photography and digital photography? Support your choices.

Digital photography has replaced film photography in the commercial field because of the cost, time, and uses of images. When using film, every frame costs money, in the cost of film, processing, and storage. Digital images, however, can be used immediately after shooting, and can now be stored cheaply and used at any time. Film has become more prevalent in art photography than anywhere else.

4.) Do you personally shoot film? Have you ever? If so how did/does your experience with film differ from your experience with digital?

I shoot both black and white film and digital images. In my experience, digital is easier to shoot because you can see your results immediately, and make changes without much trouble. However, film keeps me from making decisions carelessly and the time and labor required in processing and printing is significantly more satisfying.


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