Week Two.

September 10, 2011

1. What kind of camera do you shoot with? How often do you take pictures? What do you take pictures of?

I have a Nikon D7000, and a Chinon….it’s an off-brand 35mm from the 1980s. They were bought out by Kodak. I take pictures several times a week, usually of people who are around, oddities in my environment, or anything I find interesting or incongruous.

2. If money were no object what kind of camera(s) would you have? Why? Would it change your relationship to photography? If so, how?

My dream camera would probably be the fanciest DSLR you could think of. Or a Hasselblad (film or digital). Or  a Leica. I think it would change some ways I make pictures. If I was using a huge, expensive camera, I wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying it with me everywhere I go. But if I had a small camera with incredible quality, people around me wouldn’t notice so much when I am photographing them (or near them). As of right now, I don’t always take my DSLR everywhere with me. It is large, heavy, and can be more of a distraction when I am trying to be discrete–and I don’t know if that would change too much if I had a bulky high end camera.

3. Have you ever used a film camera? What kind? What do you think the main differences are? Do you think you take different pictures with different cameras?

I have used both my 35 mm Chinon and a cute blue Holga. Unfortunately, neither have any automatic settings (such as aperture/shutter priority, auto focus) or reliable light meters. This can be frustrating when the subject is in motion, or when the light of the scene is changing. I certainly take different pictures with different cameras. When I use my 35mm, I take my time, and usually photograph things that are stationary. I don’t use the Holga any more, but when I did it was much the same; and it was so unpredictable that nearly all the negatives were terrible.

4. Do you know the menu on your digital camera thoroughly?

I sure do. I may not understand every single function, but I know where to find everything I need.


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